Maybe this can help explain what a sheep leap is

or maybe it’s just got sheep in it.

Get ready!

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“There’s no post on Sundays”

But there is definitely mail on Mondays. And today we got the most amazing envelope. It’s was pleasantly plump and had a colorful little stamp in the corner as most envelopes do. But as soon as I saw it, I knew it was special.

As my letter opener tore through the delicate paper, I knew my excitement was well placed. It was finally here – all 11 tickets and parking permit to Stone Mountain Park. Honestly, what could be better than a lasershow spectacular on iconic Stone Mountain itself, some hiking to watch Spring really come to life, and discovering exactly what it means to watch a sheep leap (it was on the brochure they sent) – all in temperatures well above freezing! Learn more at

Volunteers get ready – we’re hitting the park right after we drop our luggage and settle into to our housing. I know, it’s almost TG – too great!

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A Quick Note

I may or may not have typed Stone Mountain into youtube.  And it may or may not have given me a 30 minute (split into 3 parts, of course) video of the laser light show they do at Stone Mountain. And a train ride through Stone Mountain Park. All I can say is…Get ready!

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For all you lovely volunteers…


So so so so SO excited to finally have volunteers on our trip. You guys have no idea how much we love yall already. We’ve spent the last few hours researching things to do after our trip and just learning more about Stone Mountain in general. And can I just say, it’s putting me in the quintessential Gone with the Wind mindset?

For those of you going on the trip, here are some amazing, awesome, super-fun facts about Stone Mountain that I just wanted to share. For anyone not going on our trip, here’s why  you want to next year:

  • The average temperature in March is 65 in Stone Mountain. That’s about 20 degrees warmer than here in B-town
  • The 1996 Summer Olympic Games tennis, archery, and track events were held in Stone Mountain Park (gotta love the Olympics)
  • We’ll be about 30 minutes away from HOTlanta
  • Stone Mountain itself is one of the worlds most largest exposed pieces of granite (I might have taken too many earth science classes)
  • The largest wild hog found was found nearby in Alapaha Georgia. Weighing in at 1,000 pounds and measuring 12 feet in length, the epic creature was nicknamed “Hogzilla”
  • Streets in Georgia have names like Mackin, Green Bark, Mimosa

Expect a lot more updates soon! Over and out.

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Let’s Get It…

Hello again everyone!!

Can’t believe we’ve only got a few more days until REGISTRATION. Seriously, where has all the time gone? Not that I’m complaining – wish it was already time to start our adventure.

So here’s a few updates on our trip to Stone Mountain. We have a new coordinator, Divya, who’s super excited to be a part of ASB and can’t wait to meet all you wonderful volunteers. Check out the Meet the Coordinators page for her bio!

We’re also planning to stop in DC on our drive to Stone Mountain. Should be amazing. I know I can’t wait to go explore and get some delicious food while we’re there. Oh and have you heard that FODAC is going through a bit of a renovation so we’re going to get to help paint, build, and garden. And and and…we might even be able to help out with their THRIFT STORE!

More later for sure but for now, I’ll just let you all know that you should so come to the ASB fundraising concert this Saturday at 8:30 in BU Central. So excited.

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Welcome to Stone Mountain, GA!

Hi all,

Planning is underway for ASB 2011! We have a lot of fun in store for you all and are super excited to be your Navigational Captains as embark upon this 19 hour journey to Stone Mountain, GA! WOOT WOOT!

Now some of you may be familiar with the area while others may not be as much. Stone Mountain is about 30 minutes east of HAWWTLANTA (and yes we are most definitely making a few trips here during our eventful week) and is a part of DeKlab County. Stone Mountain is home to approximately 7,145 residents of which 1,750 are white and 4,945 are African American and 450 fall into various other ethnic backgrounds(not that this is important or anything— I’m just merely trying to paint a picture for you).  The average household size is 2.84 and 166 families or 783 residents fall below the poverty line, which comprises 11.4% of the town’s population. One statitic of more relevance to us is; 1,276 residents age 5 and older are disabled. Thus this is indicative of our purpose for traveling 1,000+ miles to volunteer our service with Friends of Disabled Adults and Children(FODAC).


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